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4th Grade Recorder Home Study Course 2021


Updated: May 12, 2021




FLIPGRID Best of the Best Videos (more added weekly)


Next Zoom Meeting on May 12, 2021

Wednesdays at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm.  Links in our Google Classroom
Note: This update is being sent to all families with students who enrolled in the 4th Grade Recorder Course.  If you received this in error please disregard.
Si necesita esto en español, hágamelo saber.
May 12, 2021
Dear Capo 4th Grade Recorder Parents and Guardians,
Your child signed up for the CAPO Recorder Home Study Course.  We are on Lesson 15 and the end of the course is Friday, May 21.  The remaining Zoom meetings are Wed., May 12 at 3PM and 4PM only and Wed. May 19 at 3PM, 4PM and 5PM. For our final meeting we will play all the Recorder Karate Belt songs plus our favorite songs.  During the week of May 24, I will be sending out certificates and yarn belts to all students who completed the course.  It is amazing what some students were able to do in this all virtual format.  If you are willing even if your child didn’t complete the class, please answer the one question evaluation form which will help us improve the class in the future.  One Question Parent Survey
CAPO LOANER Recorders: Please return your CAPO recorder on Monday, May 24 or sooner if it is not being used.  It needs to have your child’s name and school on it.  You can wrap it in a paper wrap with tape or put it in an envelope. It needs to be addressed TO: Mrs. S. Evans  at VDMES.  Include the case, finger chart (paper) and cleaning stick (if applicable).  All CAPO recorders have an inventory tag. Please drop it off at your child’s school office and they will place it in the district mail.  Make sure you have it all ready to go. Please don’t ask the office staff to package and address it. 
Capo Recorder Home Study Course Student STATS to Date: 
15 Lessons
Learned 8 notes
Played 45 Recorder Songs
Sang 5 Gold Rush Songs
Completed 16 theory worksheets
Participated in 18 Flipgrid Topics posting 1490 Videos, with 19,145 Views (join code evans21)
Flipgrid MIXTAPES Best of Best Recorder Students 2021 (may only work through your child’s login)
 Zoom SLIDESHOW of what the kids worked on weekly via Zoom.
Thank you,
Sharon Evans
RHSC Program Teacher

Schedule of Open Office Hours with our music teachers for students who want extra help:

Mondays 3-4pm with Mrs. Noelle Nielsen

(Starts Feb.22)

Tuesdays 3-4pm with Ms. Mahfrin Santoke

Starts Feb. 23)

Thursdays 3-4pm with Mr. Bill Cox

(Starts Feb. 18)

WHERE??? Go to Google Meet ICON in the CLASSWORK TAB in this CLASSROOM. It will only appear at 3pm or a few minutes before when the teacher is ready.