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Mission and Vision

Makos pursue possibilities, exhibit perseverance, inspire others, and achieve greatness!

Mission:  The staff of VdM will ensure the success of ALL students.

Vision and Collective Commitments:

The vision of VdM rests upon the following pillars to ensure the “success of ALL students”:
Curriculum and Learning
We will implement a guaranteed, viable, and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of our students. Our curriculum will encourage students to be critical readers, writers, and thinkers. We will promote social-emotional learning and a healthy life balance for all students. We will encourage students to set attainable and aspirational goals, learn the value of hard work and dedication, and embrace the challenges and opportunities they experience.
Equity, Access, and Inclusivity
Students will learn in a safe, inclusive space without barriers to equity, access, and inclusivity in curricular/co-curricular programs. We will establish high academic and behavioral expectations, and we will provide students with the skills required to help them meet or exceed those expectations.
Professional Learning Community
We will sustain a school culture focused on learning and collaboration. We will implement targeted intervention strategies that provide students with more time and support within the school day.
Community Engagement
We will actively engage and support the VdM community. We will forge collaborative partnerships with those who can share expertise, providing authentic and innovative student-learning experiences. We are committed to developing and implementing educational and recreational opportunities to connect the community and school.

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 VdMES works collaboratively to support all student learning while building character in a safe, positive environment.
We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of Vista del Mar School is to function as a Professional Learning Community.